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AGRIM INSTITUTE OF NEUROSCIENCES is attempting to introduce a novel concept on the health care horizon of India – the concept of INTEGRATED PRACTICING UNITS or IPUs. In an IPU, a dedicated team made up of both clinical and nonclinical personnel provides the full care cycle for the patient's condition. IPUs treat not only a disease but also the related conditions, complications, and circumstances that commonly occur along with it—for example Parkinson’s disease where a gait training by a physical therapist and speech training by a speech therapist might be needed at one end – while a surgeon might be need to offer Deep brain stimulation in advanced cases. IPUs not only provide treatment but also assume responsibility for engaging patients and their families in care—for instance, by providing education and counseling, encouraging adherence to treatment and prevention protocols, and supporting needed behavioral changes such as smoking cessation or weight loss for patients with stroke.Changing primary care practices to IPUs would involve "multidisciplinary teams organized to serve groups of patients with similar primary and preventive care needs—for example, patients with complex arteriovenous malformations of the brain – where a neurointerventionist might offer embolization, a radiosurgeon might offer gamma knife and a vascular surgeon might remove the AVM. Within each patient group, the appropriate clinical team, preventive services, and education can be put in place to improve value, and results become measureable. An IPU is likely to be the most cost effective health care delivery system over the near future. Agrim Neurosciences Institute has IPUs related to diseases like Stroke, Brain Tumors, Parkinsons disease, Epilepsy, Headache etc. It has a fully functional minimally invasive spine program and a state of the art facility to manage Complex arteriovenous malformations and Aneurisms of the brain.


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