Neurointervention & Stroke

Neurointervention (Interventional Neuroradiology) is a medical speciality in which minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for cerebrovascular disorders are performed under radiological guidance. It is somewhat similar to the treatment carried out in the heart by cardiologists, such as angioplasty or stent placement. In these procedures, very thin catheters or wires are placed through blood vessels in groin and are navigated in the blood vessels to the site of the abnormal vessels. This is followed by diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

These procedures are done instead of open surgery and in some cases to supplement the conventional surgery. Since these procedures avoid open surgery, it leads to better outcomes and shorter recovery times. Neurointerventions play a crucial role in diagnosis and management of brain aneurysms, stenosis of arteries such as carotid arteries, arteriovenous malformations, acute ischemic stroke.

TEAM OF DOCTORS : Neurointervention & Stroke

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