The Neurology Department at the Agrim Institute of Neurosciences comprises of a team of top ranked neurologists of the country who have experience in diagnosing and treating some of the most complex and rare neurological disorders.The department consists of specialists trained in epilepsy, movement disorders, dementias and other cognitive conditions, stroke and cerebrovascular diseases, multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating disorders, autoimmune neurology, pediatric neurology, neurophysiology, headache, neuromuscular diseases, peripheral nerve disorders, and sleep neurology. These care providers work together to evaluate and treat people utilizing the most advanced techniques and technologies. Neurologists at Agrim Institute of Neurosciences a are part of ateam of doctors who provide individualized care for each patient. These doctors are a part of different Integrated practice units (IPUs) which provide basic to most advanced treatment for various disorders. Agrim Institute has all this expertise in a single placewhich results in a multifaceted opinion for the diseases in a centralized manner. The most highly specialized experts in their respective fieldswork together for the patient as a team. The department has specialized and independent programs catering to most neurological disorders.


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