Agrim Neuroservices has created a Comprehensive Spine Program to treat patients suffering from neck pain, back pain and spinal disorders. Understanding that each patient is unique, the team of expertly trained spine specialists develop a personalized treatment plan for each individual, leveraging both state-of-the-art surgical and non-surgical options. From medications and physical therapy to minimally invasive surgery and spinal fusions, the multidisciplinary team at currently stationed at Artemis Hospital’s Agrim Institute of Neurosciences collaborates to ensure each patient receives the best possible spine care.

Being geographically situated close to the capital city’s International and domestic airports, The Institute’s Centre of Excellence in Spine® has been catering to the needs of the both Indian and International populace suffering from debilitating spine conditions such as scoliosis, spinal stenosis, sciatica and spinal compression fractures from as far as the Africas & Central Asia in the West to the South East Asia in the East.

At the Institute’s Centre for Excellence in Spine® you will be assessed by our renowned spine specialists who will evaluate your condition and will discuss all possible options; always starting with conservative treatment as the first line of treatment.

If surgery is contemplated, our spine specialists will offer you the surgical treatment that they think is the most appropriate for your condition. This may be a minimal invasive day surgery procedure, or in some cases a complex spinal reconstruction.

As the region’s most comprehensive spine surgery program, we provide patients with leading edge treatments designed to eliminate and reduce spinal pain, while restoring function. Our faculty is trained in both neurosurgical and orthopaedic aspects of spinal problems and brings together the most advanced techniques for treating the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, including minimally invasive spinal surgery, spinal stabilization, motion preservation, spinal fusion, traditional open surgery, disc arthroplasty and disc replacement.

From diagnosis through rehabilitation, and depending on their assessment, patients with back and neck pain will receive expert care from an experienced, multidisciplinary team that includes Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Orthopaedic joint specialists, Rheumatologists, Pain specialists and Physical therapists.

The Centre has emerged as the regional leader in treatment of spinal disorders by virtue of having the most qualified & trained Neuro-Spine faculty in the entire region with a vast experience of medically and surgically managing the whole range of spinal problems. The team is aided by the availability of state of the art spine setup in terms of O-Arm®which is a robotically operated device that helps to accurately guide any surgical procedure and contributes to the safety of the same.

The outcomes of treatment are probably unparalled in the region and the centre is proud to say that it can boast of being a ‘more than 99% Safe Spine Surgery Centre’ in terms of surgical risk to the spinal cord and nerves. More than 85% of patients who present for their spinal surgery without the presence of any major weakness are made to walk on the same or the very next day of surgery.

Treatment Options

Trauma, disease, and skeletal deformity can result in spinal instability and compression of the spinal cord causing pain and loss of neurological function. Some of the surgical treatments we offer include:

Complex Spine Reconstruction: Advanced techniques to reconstruct and stabilize the spine at all levels.

Minimally invasive spinal surgery: Small surgical incisions to treat a variety of spinal disorders and conditions, providing a quicker recovery than traditional open surgical techniques.

Discectomy/microdiscectomy: Surgical removal or partial removal of a vertebral disc to relieve pressure from the nerves.

Disc replacement: Surgical replacement of a diseased or herniated lumbar disc with an artificial disc.

Laminectomy: Surgical removal of part of the lamina to relieve pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots.

Spinal Fusion: A procedure that uses a bone graft and surgical hardware to create a solid union between two or more vertebrae to provide additional spinal support.

Vertebroplasty: Injecting bone cement into the vertebrae to stabilize fractures, resulting in significant pain relief and restoration of mobility.

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